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Journal Article Critique of an Empirical Analysis of...

Article: An Empirical Analysis of Trends in Psychology By Richard W. Robins, Samuel D. Gosling and Kenneth H. Craik Presented by: Cassandra Brown AU ID: 3130858 PSYC 290 Journal Article Critique 1 Tutor: Cristela D’Elia June 1st, 2013 I. Research Question or Problem The journal article question is clearly stated. The question asks whether the behaviourist, the psychoanalytic, the cognitive, or the neuroscientific perspective is most intellectually significant and most prominent in psychology today (Robins, Goling, amp; Craik, 1999, p. 117). II. Introduction The introduction presents differing contentions regarding which school of psychology is most prominent. Five references have been cited in the introduction. It is†¦show more content†¦Articles regarding the psychoanalytic and neuroscientific perspective, however, were essentially non-existent throughout the studied period. Authors provided graphs and tables in order to demonstrate their findings over time for each index (Robins, Gosling, amp; Craik, 1999, p.121-126). V. Discussion/Conclusions Due to their compelling findings, the authors were able to construct several conclusions. Firstly, psychoanalytic journals, dissertations, and flagship articles have not been in the spotlight of mainstream psychology for the past several decades (Robins, Gosling, amp; Craik, 1999, p.123, 124). Secondly, with the focus currently on cognitive psychology, behavioural psychology has and continues to subside in scientific psychology (Robins, Gosling, amp; Craik, 1999, p.124). Moreover, the authors’ state that one reason cognitive psychology is transcending behavioural psychology is due to the immeasurable role of computers in modern society. For example, thanks to computers, considerable changes have taken place in regards to scientists’ understanding of memory, information processing, etc (Robins, Gosling, amp; Craik, 1999, p.124). Lastly, mainstream psychology does not yet recognize neuropsychology; however, there is an obvious increase in popularity that is underway . Authors recommend further research to explore the growing prominenceShow MoreRelatedOrathinkal Critique2519 Words   |  11 PagesPerception and Motivation Study Among Married Adults: Orathinkal Critique Liberty University Abstract This paper is a comprehensive evaluation of an article entitled â€Å"Forgiveness: A Perception and Motivation Study Among Married Adults.† The researchers of this study are Jose Orathinkal, Alfons Vansteenwegen, Roger Burggraeve. This paper will attempt critique and evaluate all pertinent and assigned elements within this article. DDuring this comprehensive evaluation we will disclose theRead MoreApplication of Maslows Hierachy in Needs6339 Words   |  26 Pages 2. Marketing b. Maslows theory in psychotherapy c. Maslows theory in the healthcare industry d. Maslows theory in social science V. Theories derived from Maslow a. Motivation-Hygiene Theory b. Wilber VI. Empirical studies on Maslows theory a. Supportive findings 1. Porter 2. Alderfer 3. Reiss Havercamp 4. Ghiselli Johnson 5. Guttman Scale Test b. Non-supportive findings VII. MaslowsRead MoreCrime Is Not A Major Problem1855 Words   |  8 Pages The purpose of this paper is to critique ?Crime is not a major problem in Australia?. The following will outline the definition of crime in the context of Australia, discuss and analyse crime measurement methodology and the ability for the results to be an accurate assessment and reflection of crime, to examine and compare differing perspectives of crime, and to research the effect the media has upon the perceptions of crime and whether it can accurately determine whether crime is a major problemRead MoreA Meta-Analysis of the Relationships Between Individual Job Satisfaction and Individual Performance5034 Words   |  21 PagesA Meta-Analysis of the Relationships between Individual Job Satisfaction and Individual Performance Author(s): M. M. Petty, Gail W. McGee, Jerry W. Cavender Source: The Academy of Management Review, Vol. 9, No. 4 (Oct., 1984), pp. 712-721 Published by: Academy of Management Stable URL: Accessed: 20/10/2010 04:45 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of JSTOR s Terms and Conditions of Use, available at MoreCultural Violence And An Individual Civil Self Essay2398 Words   |  10 Pagesof that group of peoples. As a result of these trends, there has evolved a concept of violence within many areas of socio-political scholarship which has traditionally excluded micro level harm and instead focused on the macro issues relating to arm to arm conflict. However, as scholarship pertaining to Peace and Conflict studies has expanded, so too has our understanding of the notion of violence. As Johan Galtung articulates in his 1990 article ‘Cultural Violence’, the concept of ‘Cultural Violence’Read MoreSymbolic Interactionism George Simmel Jacqueline Low10230 Words   |  41 Pagesphotocopy or reproduce article content through the University of California Press’s Rights and Permissions website, at DOI: 10.1525/si.2008.31.3.325. This content downloaded from on Tue, 31 Mar 2015 20:24:23 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions SI3103_05 Page 326 Friday, June 20, 2008 5:20 PM 326 Symbolic Interaction Volume 31, Number 3, 2008 moralism, German idealism, pragmatism, . . . functional psychology† (Reynolds 2003b:39)Read Morevolunteer tourism Essay9739 Words   |  39 Pagesrests upon themes initiated over 10 years ago in Volunteer Tourism: Experiences That Make a Difference (Wearing, 2001). The review begins with a discussion of the explosive growth of volunteer tourism (research and practice) and continues with an analysis of the literature utilizing a multiphasic format that reflects the volunteer tourism process. Specifically, the paper includes a review of research in the area of pre-trip motivations, continues through work focusing on the volunteer tourism experienceRead MoreThe Relative Impact of Recruitment/Selection, Training, and Development for Organizational Effectiveness5372 Words   |  22 PagesSummary This paper discusses the relative impact of recruitment/selection, training, and development for organizational effectiveness. First, recruitment and selection is discussed. Job analysis is very important in the selection process because it provides a realistic job preview and it identifies relevant traits and abilities needed for the job. Furthermore, predictive validity of several selection methods are discussed from which work samples, GMA, tests, and structured interviews are appearedRead MoreAn Understanding Of Inequity : How Authority Affects Pay Differences Between Women And Men2542 Words   |  11 PagesAdams, J. (1963). Toward an understanding of inequity. Journal of Abnormal Social Psychology, 67, 422-436. Retrieved from: Aguirre, R., Bolton, K. (2014). Qualitative interpretive meta-synthesis in social work research: Uncharted territory. Journal of Social Work, 14 (3), 279-294. Alkadry, G., Tower, L. (2006). Unequal pay: The role of gender. Public Administration Review, 66 (6), 888–898. Retrieved from: eds.aRead MoreHofstede’s Limitations14637 Words   |  59 Pages220-8428 Fax: (403) 282-0095 e-mail: Key Words: Culture; Cross-Cultural Differences; Meta-Analysis. Temple/AIB Best Paper Award - Nominee; AIB Track 7/ Managing People Across Border - Best Paper Note. We would like to thank dozens of scholars who provided references to published and unpublished studies that were included in this meta-analysis and especially Dr. Geert Hofstede who has been keeping track of the studies that have utilized his Value Survey Module and

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The Most Important Election Ever - 1164 Words

We are all feeling the Exhaustion, everyone seems to be Burning Out, and deciding to let the chips fall where they may. Now is not the time! Not even once the election is over. We can not turn away from the critical needs of this Republic. I know, you hear that this is the most important election ever, well if this is true then please make your stand, for I m sure that those voting in 1860 were convinced they too were involved in the most important election in history. Regardless of the outcome in November, we must not resign or retreat from the conflict. Yes, it s an ongoing conflict, a relentless struggle for the very soul of our nation. As you have heard so many times Freedom is not Free this does not just apply to our military, it applies to each and every one of us. It requires some effort from each of us to ensure Security and Liberty remain in balance, releasing one or the other as needs require, but always returning to Liberty as a default condition, once the needs expire. Educated and an alert citizenry is always necessary, if freedom is to be preserved, it s not so much vigilance towards a foreign threat, but the internal threat. We need a Free and Independent Press! The American people will produce, create and prosper, if they have the security to do so. The police and sheriffs departments will handle the local issues, the states will handle regional issues;however, we are in desperate need of independent journalists to dig up, uncover and expose theShow MoreRelatedThe Importance of Voting730 Words   |  3 Pagesfor a candidate hardly ever makes a difference. For example, it is rare that anyone of the elections is decided by one or two votes. Therefore, when someone votes for a candidate and that individual wins or loses by a significant margin, something in the tens of thousands or even in the millions, then voting for the candidate did not make a difference in the election. This perspective is actually likely true in most situations. It is incredibly rare that an election is ever decided by slim marginRead MoreGovernment Essay - Elections1339 Words   |  6 PagesGovernment Essay Assignment - Elections Every four years, the citizens of America migrate to their respective polling locations and cast their vote. On this important day, the second Tuesday of November, the next President of the United States is elected. Thosen to lead the country is by proxy the leader of the free world; the election of the United States President is a deeply historical event. The actual decision, though, does not come as easily as one would think. Yes, people sometimes voteRead MoreThe Presidential Election Of 19841339 Words   |  6 Pages The United States presidential election of 1984 was the 50th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 6, 1984. The presidential race was between the incumbent Republican candidate, President Ronald Reagan, and former Vice President Democratic candidate, Walter Mondale. Reagan was helped in the election by a strong economic recovery from the deep recession of 1981–1982. Reagan carried 49 of the 50 states, becoming only the second p residential candidate to do so after RichardRead MorePartisan Elections Essay717 Words   |  3 PagesPartisan Elections In the following essay I will be talking about the disadvantages and advantages of partisan elections for state politics. I will also examine the last couple years election results and costs. Finally, I will discuss if partisanship made a difference in the vote, as well as if a judge should be decided by partisan vote. In the next couple paragraphs I will talk more specifically about these topics. First, lets talk about the advantages of partisan elections compared toRead MoreEssay on Partisan elections689 Words   |  3 Pages Partisan Elections nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In the following essay I will be talking about the disadvantages and advantages of partisan elections for state politics. I will also examine the last couple year’s election results and costs. Finally, I will discuss if partisanship made a difference in the vote, as well as if a judge should be decided by partisan vote. In the next couple paragraphs I will talk more specifically about these topics. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;First, let’s talkRead MoreUninformed Voting And The Voting Essay979 Words   |  4 Pagesto vote in elections they otherwise were not going to and are likely uninformed about. They use tactics, some legal, some not, to achieve their goals of higher turnout in elections. One tactic used by a small fringe branch of the Get Out the Vote movement is bribing of the underprivileged for their vote, promising a ride to the polls and a meal or some other good in exchange for voting for said party’s candidate. There are stories about this sort of activity in nearly all major elections. WhetherRead MoreThe Divisive Election Of Presidential History Essay1244 Words   |  5 PagesNovember 8th 2016 brought to close one of the most divisive elections in Presidential History. Most Americans see this obvious divide that exists in America at the current moment. Differences among race, gender, religion, political views, experiences, privilege, and age are just the starting point to the split that has turned neighbors against each other, friends into enemies, and has torn families apart. Its an understatement to say that tensions are high, and wounds are fresh. This countries divideRead More Should We Cast the Ballot Electronically? Essays1716 Words   |  7 Pagestoday, many are drawn to the idea of making elections available electronically. Although the technology is available, it is important to consider if it is safe and reliable. Electronic voting could have many negative implications on our society if it isn’t completely safe. In this paper, I will explore why this is such an important issue, who is affected, and how and if our new technology integrated into our voting system. This topic is extremely important to the future every citizen in the countryRead MoreUk Election Process1659 Words   |  7 PagesPublicity and Electioneering Activities It is important that a candidate becomes well known in the area they are hoping to represent and to this end they will often undertake a great deal of publicity work, such as leafleting houses, displaying posters, and canvassing door-to-door for votes. Publicity costs money and so the more wealthy parties will have an advantage. In addition, during a general election you will often see party political broadcasts for the main parties outlining their policiesRead MorePolitical Parties : The Democratic Party954 Words   |  4 Pagesvote in the upcoming election. If these issues are addressed we are on track to have a very successful election. The biggest obstacle that we face today is increasing our voter turnout rate for all elections. Republican’s recent success can mostly be attributed to their consistently higher voter turnout. According to Aaron Blake from Washington Post Democrats actually outnumber Republican voters it’s just a matter of getting our Democrat voters to come to the polls on election days. Republicans voters

Connecting Nazi Propaganda poster to Hitler’s rise to power Free Essays

After the Great Depression in the early 1930’s, it resulted in economic and political instability for post ww1 Gremany. Adolf Hitler utilized fascism to promote his rise to power. Nazi propaganda posters were being used as â€Å"Art of Persuasion† during this time. We will write a custom essay sample on Connecting Nazi Propaganda poster to Hitler’s rise to power or any similar topic only for you Order Now Hitler was no fool, and used every opportunity to his advantage provied by the depression. The Propaganda posters were used as a tool to promote Hitlers beliefs. He used this as a way to sell his ideas to the people of Germany. Hitler was trying to gain the German peoples trust through emotions. The propaganda poster helped promote Hitler’s rise to power. He related to the peoples wants and needs to gain his power. Each poster related to everyone in Germany in some way. This helped secure his rise in power. If one poster did not relate to someone, another did. By utilizing the â€Å"Art of Presuation†, he gained all the power one would need to rule. Personally, it is devostaing how one person can gain that much power over that many people during a time of crisis. It makes perfect sense as to why so many people allowed Hitler so much power. He took initiative when no one else would. He took matters into his own hands. Hitler gave the people what they needed at a time of crisis. Hitler’s rise to power came at the perfect time. Germany was in turmoil, and they were in need of a hero to save them. Propaganda posters related to everyone, and Hitler made the best use out of them. How to cite Connecting Nazi Propaganda poster to Hitler’s rise to power, Papers

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Quest For Fire Essays - Films, Quest For Fire, The Tribe

Quest For Fire Quest for Fire This story happens 80,000 years ago when our ancestors first discovered the power of fire, but did not know how to master it. One day, a peaceful tribe is attacked by apes and wolves. Many die in the fighting and the tribe is forced to leave their territory. They move to a small island, and on their way, they lose their treasurefire. Fire to them is like the door to a house. Without the door, the house will not collapse. But when a robber comes, the house has no protection. Without fire, men can live, but they lose their most powerful weapon when they are attacked. Thus, the tribe is in a great danger. An attack of wolves or other beasts can easily kill them. Because they don't know how to make fire, they send out three members of the tribe to look for fire. On their way, they save a girl but she runs away later. Then the three men are captured by another more advanced tribe (everyone in the area seems to be evolving at a different rate). In the tribe, they meet the girl who they saved earlier and one of them fell in love with the girl. They also learn how to make fire on their own. The three men and the girl flee one day and return to the small island where their tribe is. The people of their tribe are very excited about their return and they are even more exciting when they learn that they can make fire by themselves. From now on, humans life is no more depends on Gods favor. They can manage their own life. In spite of causing me nearly to vomit, this movie has some good aspects. It uses excellent sound effects and perfect makeup technique to make this movie very realistic. There is no dialogue throughout the whole movie, but the body language and gestures of men well explain the story. This movie makes you think a lot about our ancestors, where we came from and how we would survive in a world where the secret of how to make fire is as momentous as we would regard the moon landing today . . . This movie also makes me feel grateful that I do not live 80,000 years ago. Their life is brutal and savage. They have no houses, no cars and they have to fight with animals face to face. Compared to them, we are living in a paradise right now. Bibliography a review of movie quest for fire

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DMX Compare and Contrast essays

DMX Compare and Contrast essays Earl Simmons, better known to the rap world as DMX or Dark Man X has released four albums since his debut in 1998. His style of rap has been compared to rappers such as Tupac Shakur and kept him atop the rap music charts. His songs have earned him several musical nominees such as Grammys and MTV Music Awards nominees. His musical prowess and complex story telling wound up with tight beats have progressed since his first album in 1998. His first album entitled Its Dark and Hell is Hot and his fourth and latest album released in late 2001 entitled The Great Depression are two examples of how great his work is and praised. DMXs songs have been atop the musical charts such as Billboard. His first album was released in1998 and was entitled Its Dark and Hell is Hot. His musical prowess and complex story telling earned him a spot atop the Billboard music charts with hits such as Ruff Ryders Anthem and Hows It Goin Down. One music review describes, Its Dark and Hell is Hot as A complex portrait of an MC whos spent the last 15 years thinking long and hard about how to come across on wax. (Lewis) DMXs forth album The Great Depression was released in late 2001 with great expectations. This album too produced chart toppers with songs such as We Right Here, Who We Be and I Miss You. This album, though highly praised only received three stars by Rolling Stone while Its Dark and Hell is Hot received four stars by Rolling Stone. (Lewis) DMXs musical prowess and enchanting storytelling by music have progressed through the years. Its Dark and Hell is Hot is an album that shows the tough times this rapper went through to be where he is now. In the Song entitled Stop Being Greedy he cast himself as a ...

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How to Succeed in Writing an Essay

How to Succeed in Writing an Essay How to Succeed in Writing an Essay Lets be honest; writing is probably not a skill you can boast about. You probably havent written a best-seller yet, and you havent won a Nobel Prize in literature. Well, dont get desperate. You wont believe how many good writers havent done it, either. You are reading this article because you want to learn how to write better, and that is already a good sign. So, you need to write an article. Have you selected a topic yet? Sometimes your teacher will assign you a topic, but if you have an opportunity to select one yourself, you should definitely do so. You can write about something you are good at or interested in or perhaps something you wanted to learn about but don’t have the time. Before you begin writing, you might develop a plan. Careful planning helps you work more productively, gives you a better idea of how much time you should spend on writing every day, and also helps you to understand what needs to be accomplished and in what order. First of all, ask yourself whether you know enough to write on topic you have chosen. If not, conduct some preliminary research. Read a book or a magazine, ask a person who is knowledgeable about it, or just research it on the Internet. Once youve conducted a little bit of research, you may feel like you have all the information needed, but it may seem a bit chaotic in your head. You may often find yourself sitting at your desk, trying to sort everything out so you express your ideas or understanding on paper. You have to analyze all the information, determine what needs to be included in your paper, what information is irrelevant, what sources are reliable, and which are not. Doing so will help you to become more organized in completing the paper. Very often people are intimidated by a blank sheet of paper. You may be afraid to start writing, thinking that you are too incompetent. Possibly, you are not willing to make mistakes and feel discouraged at the thought of making errors. However, even experienced writers are sometimes afraid to write. None of them are sure that what they write will appeal to their readers; yet, they take risks and succeed. You shouldnt worry too much about making mistakes as you write. First, if you dont write anything, you will definitely fail, so its worth trying to write at least something. Second, write whatever you feel like writing now. Think of your writing as a lump of clay. You take away here and add there. You mold and shape it into what you want it to be. Writing is a craft, an art. Keeping that in mind, your first draft may drastically differ from the final version of your paper. So, once your first draft is completed, your task is to edit your paper with care and consideration for what yo u want to say and how you want to say it. Rewriting may take more time than you spent on writing the original draft, but this proves how important proofreading and revising is in making a paper flawless. Writing is not easy, but with the tips mentioned above, a great deal of diligence, and a bit of inspiration, you can successfully write an essay. Probably, you need a professional essay writing service to have your academic paper written by highly qualified writers? Try our custom writing company now!

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Charles Jencks and Postmodernism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Charles Jencks and Postmodernism - Essay Example The essay "Charles Jencks and Postmodernism" focuses on the figure of Charles Jencks and the postmodernism. Post modern art favours reflexivity and the self consciousness, its emphasis is on the de-structured, decentred and dehumanized subject. It is also concerned with questions of the organization of knowledge. In a society where post modernism exists knowledge becomes functional, one learns things not to know but to use that knowledge. We are talking about post modernism in relation to garden design which has become an integral part of the cultural landscape. One can notice a difference in the way the gardens are being designed as compared to the modernism days. There seems to be now a bond between the abstract and the arts and craft approaches, the geometry of the abstract art has been blended with the various delights of the arts and craft gardens. This change is mostly commonly seen in the materials which are chosen. Before for gardens people would choose a square concrete slab or a wood painted white which was used to represent the abstract style but now due to post modernism, there is now the richness of the earthy bricks, the stained timber and concrete finishing’s as well as the decorative fittings which have appeared in the gardens and the sense of place and scale is altogether more intimate then before. Where its spirals scales of a pine cone run from the bottom to the top, it has recurring numbers, ratios and proportions. Its recurrent pattern is a form of what one says self-organization.